The Systems Mentor is about ALIGNMENT!

By building your systems aligned with your values, purpose and strategic anchors you focus your efforts on activities that will give you the greatest return!

We help you build bespoke assets in your businesses to drive functions such as employee performance, customer experience, brand awareness and operational efficiency.

What do you have in your business to operate it while you’re not there?

driving your business forward

A robust strategy and systems & procedures are essential for the consistent production of high quality products and services.


A good strategy is “a cohesive response to an important challenge. Unlike a stand-alone decision or a goal, a strategy is a coherent set of analyses, concepts, policies, arguments, and actions that respond to a high-stakes challenge.” (Richard Rummelt – Good Strategy, Bad Strategy) We find the pivot points in your business that multiply the effectiveness of effort, to focus and concentrate resources on them.


The aim of an effective business system is to enable your business to deliver the same desired result every time. The desired result should be ‘to exceed the customers expectations’. If you can do this consistently, your customers will return again and again. They will almost certainly tell all their friends to do so as well.


Designing to standards such as ISO9001 (Quality), ISO14001 (Environment) and ISO45001 (Safety) removes inefficiencies from your system, establishes the concept of continuous improvement and provides a framework for you to achieve your organisational strategic goals and objectives.

Do you have systems & strategies in place to ensure your business could operate without you? 

Are all processes in your organisation operating smoothly and increasing profitability?

Do you have processes to capture and resolve issues in your business?

Are you creating assets within your business to make it more valuable and sustainable?

Do you feel you have control of what is going on throughout your business?

If you or a key member of your team were to not turn up to work tomorrow, would your business still function effectively?



“If your business depends on you, you don’t own a business—you have a job. And it’s the worst job in the world because you’re working for a lunatic!” 

― Michael E. Gerber


  • You are meeting or exceeding your customer expectations!
  • Effective lead generation processes are being promoted without your input!
  • You are onboarding effective team members who are adding value, without your involvement!
  • You are continuously improving your business and are consistently meeting the goals outlined in your business strategy!

These systems and procedures within your business become your major assets and they leverage you time to 

  • a) do what you want to and
  • b) focus on what you need to.

The Systems Mentor helps businesses like yours to develop processes and self sustaining systems to meet your goals within the above areas of your business. 

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