While every business operates on systems… Consistent, reliable results are achieved only when operators in the business follow the same systems every time.  Only businesses who decide to document and formalise systems can control and manage the outcomes of their activities

All businesses have systems – the difference is whether or not they are documented and continuously improved upon.

Do you have ongoing issues within your business that consume time and resources?  If you could put some simple systems in place so you and your team could focus on the important task in the business that move it forward, how much more profitable would your business be?  

Bruce from The Systems Mentor can meet with you and your management team to analyse your current business operations and identify the pivot points for you to leverage for improved performance and better outcomes.

"Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important" - Stephen R. Covey

The benefit of clearly defining these systems is that they remove the risk of people “doing things their way” as they don’t know or can’t remember how it is meant to be done.  Another benefit is that it is easier to identify areas for improvement (bottlenecks or weak links in the chain), so they can be continuously improved upon.

Teaching others within your organisation to abide by your systems reduces risk and increases reliability so customers and business owners can expect a quality result.  Systems also empower employees to be able to resolve problems when they occur without the need to consult with or depend on management.

A business system is a process, set of procedures or methodology designed to give a desired result.  They also provide an effortless and systematic way of resolving issues.  This is how good businesses become the best!

Business systems and procedures are essential for consistently producing high quality products or services.  They also make your workplace a great place to work!

The result of an effective system will be significantly greater than the sum of the components within the system.

Designing systems to international standards such as ISO9001 (Quality), ISO14001 (Environment) and ISO45001 (Safety) removes inefficiencies from your system, establishes the concept of continuous improvement and provides a framework for you to achieve your organisational goals or objectives.

The aim of an effective business system is to enable your business to deliver the same desired result every time.  The desired result should be ‘to exceed the customers expectations’.  If you can do this consistently, your customers will return again and again.  They will almost certainly tell all their friends to do so as well.

A good strategy is “a cohesive response to an important challenge.  Unlike a stand-alone decision or a goal, a strategy is a coherent set of analyses, concepts, policies, arguments, and actions that respond to a high-stakes challenge.”  (Richard Rummelt – Good Strategy, Bad Strategy)

Strategy planning consists of 3 components:

• Diagnosis of the issue

• Critical thinking (Guiding Policy) – looking at pathways and steps to reaching your goal.

• Execution planning (Coherent Action) – identifying what is required and how you will reach your goal.

“Have you identified the major issue that is inhibiting the performance of your business?”

“Do you have a plan to overcome this issue so your business can perform at a higher level?”

“Have you identified how you are going to measure your performance where it counts and are you measuring your performance in these areas currently?” If you’re not measuring it, how can you manage it?”  

The Systems Mentor has years of experience in measuring and monitoring performance and compliance in both the corporate and site environments. 

We will help you to develop and implement systems within your business to help your business perform better so you can reach your goals. 

We find the pivot points in your business that multiply the effectiveness of effort, to focus and concentrate resources on them.

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Bruce works with business owners, MDs  and CEOS of privately owned SME’s who have been running their business for over 2 years. 

If you have built your business to a point where you feel it can’t grow further because of the ongoing issues consuming your time and resources, please contact me on the number or email bellow to discuss how we may be able to help you develop a strategy and appropriate systems to ensure the sustainability and growth of your business.


  • Consistent, reliable results
  • Strategic alignment to achieve your goals
  • High performing teams and culture
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased efficiency
  • A business that is less dependent on you (or key people)
  • Increased business value
  • A healthy business operating at an optimal level.

Want to know more?

Effective systems offer efficiency, reliability, consistency, quality and control.  They give you a strategic edge.

Systems provide a solution to solving the recurring issues that consume your time in your business in a controlled and strategic manner.